Fondue For Two: A Melting Pot Night In

As Winter weather has set in, and the Covid curse has still been putting a damper on some of our favorite indoor (and outdoor) winter activities, finding ways to keep things fun and interesting has been more of a challenge as of late, and this past month has been a stretch of our creativity for sure. When The Melting Pot reached out to see if we’d be interested in testing out their new fondue to-go offerings we jumped at the opportunity – food and fondue-tainment? Yes please! We’re so excited to share the great experience we had this past month dipping and dining for a fun date-night-in.

The Melting Pot, located right in the heart of Downtown Bellevue, WA, is a fondue restaurant with close to 100 locations nationwide. They were formed in 1975 (before us!) yet this was our first experience with the franchise. If you’re not familiar with fondue, it’s a fun interactive dining experience based on dipping various foods into sauces and dips kept tableside in hot pots (think bread dipped into melted cheese, or fruit dipped into gooey chocolate – YUM!). Typically, a hot plate or candle setup is used to keep the melted goods warm at the table, as is the case with The Melting Pot’s in-house experience, but at home, we simply warmed the sauces on the stovetop to make sure they were extra hot (you could also microwave), poured into bowls, and promptly let the dipping begin!

The Melting Pot Menu & Our Order

The Melting Pot recently launched their take-out based options, and the ordering and pickup-up process was a breeze. Our review is based specifically on their takeout offerings, as in-house dining was unavailable at the time we gave them a try.

One of the things we we’re most excited about with their menu, was that there are truly options that would please any dietary preferences – meat-eaters, gluten free-ers, and plant-based diners alike will find menu options that provide a well-rounded dining experience. They are the only fondue restaurant we know of on the Eastside, and we can’t wait to try their in-house experience someday.

For this write-up we tested the “four course fondue for two” take-out package, which came with the following:

Course 1: Appetizer

Fresh bread cubes and a mix of raw and roasted veggies, dipped in a signature cheese fondue dip. One of the selling points of this meal was the availability of a non-dairy based cheese sauce. Unfortunately, dairy doesn’t love me back, so after years of being dairy-denied, being able to experience a vegan cheese dip was so fun! The Wisconsin cheddar, and quattro formaggio dip options sounded soooo good but alas, I will have to live vicariously.

Course 2: Salad

The four course meal comes with the choice of several salad options – we chose the California and we’re super happy with this pick. It included spring greens, candied pecans, tomatoes, gorgonzola for my dairy eating counterpart, and a lovely raspberry walnut vinaigrette.

Course 3: Entrée

For the entrée course, each person gets to choose several skewer or other entrée items. We sampled the shrimp skewers (our favorite!), wild mushroom sacchetti, veggie pot stickers, and vegan polpettes (vegan meat ball). We actually had to double check the menu as we were convinced the polpettes were made of actual meat!

Course 4: Dessert

Our favorite course of the night was definitely the dessert. We stuck with the pure dark chocolate fondue (also dairy free!) and it was heavenly. A variety of fresh fruits were provided for dipping along with a ton of different mini-desserts (think cookie bites, brownie bites, and more).

The Fondue For Two Dinner was enough for two very hungry adults for dinner, plus a small lunch left over. People with more moderate appetites would likely have gotten two full dinners and lunches out of the meal. We were really satisfied with the meal, and honestly most enjoyed just how FUN the dining experience was! Our biggest tip for diners experiencing fondue as takeout, is be sure to heat the dips hot enough for optimal taste and experience. After a great first meal, we’re excited to visit with family and friends someday as it would definitely make for an entertaining and interactive group dining experience! For now, cheers to a nice night at home.

Getting to The Melting Pot Bellevue

The Melting Pot is located at 302 108th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004. It is easy to find and access right off of I-405.