Kanishka Redmond: Redmond’s Must-Try Indian Food Restaurant

Dinner from Kanishka Redmond

Kanishka Cuisine of India, located in Redmond, WA, is a vegetarian food haven, and absolute must-try on Seattle’s Eastside. Kanishka has been a favorite of ours since first trying them about five years ago – their rich, savory, Northern Indian offerings are complimented with some unique fusion dishes we’ve not found anywhere else, and their menu that pleases meat-eaters and plant-based diners alike makes it a well-rounded choice for any group dining experience. While there is some stiff competition for Indian food on the Eastside, Kanishka is definitely our favorite both in Redmond, and the greater Eastside as a whole.

Kanishka recently opened a pick-up based store front right next to their full service restaurant that makes placing and picking-up of to-go orders a breeze, prompting us to make our first visit back since COVID. Read on for our full review and to find out what keeps us coming back for more, at Kanishka Redmond.

Kanishka Cuisine of India Menu

The Menu at Kanishka’s is absolutely huge. They offer complete appetizer and entree menus for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike – something you don’t find a whole lot of on the Eastside. Over the years we have sampled over 15 different menu items and have never been dissapointed. Their Northern Indian cuisine focuses on curries, creamy dishes, rice based offerings, items from the tandoor (clay or metal oven), and more. Some menu highlights include:

Vegetarian Appetizers: Deep fried paneer (fresh Indian cheese), samosas (filled and fried savory pastries) and gobi manchurian (a Chinese fusion dish of deep fried cauliflower with Chinese herbs and Manchurian sauce) are perfect starters for hungry diners.

Non-Vegetarian Appetizers: Lamb samosas, chicken manchurian, and Kanishka crab cakes offer meat-based starter options.

Vegetarian Entrees: Over 25 vegetarian entrees, including vegan options, are features on their vegetarian menu. Lentils, paneer, and potatoes show up in dishes frequently, combined with rich mouth-watering sauces including korma, masala, saag and more.

Non-Vegetarian Entrees: The same flavorful masala, saag, vindaloo and other sauces compliment chicken, seafood, and lamb entrees on their non-vegetarian menu.

Bread: Naan, an oven-baked flatbread is a crowd favorite and must-order side. Kanishka offers it in several flavors, as well as other flatbreads such as paratha and kulcha.

Rice/Biryani: Biryani (a mixed rice dish) is offered in 10 varieties, as well as a few other seasoned rice options. All vegetarian and meat entrees come with a standard, unseasoned basmati rice.

Samosas, Gobi Manchurian, and Saag Paneer, with Naan and Rice, from Kanishka Redmond

Taste-Tested at Kanishka

One of our favorite ways to experience Kanishka’s offerings in the past has been at their lunch time buffet, offered seven days per week. Since at the time of publishing their in-house dining is not open, during our most recent visit, we had to choose just a few options. For this write-up we tested the following dishes, as they are both full of flavor but also great choices for those new to Indian food and looking for some basic dishes to start with.

Vegetable Samosas: This crispy fried turnover pastry is filled with spiced potatoes, peas and Indian herbs. Their samosas we’re very good sized, and generous on the filling. They were also not overly dry on the inside, as we’ve experienced with some other samosas we’ve tried. The subtle spices are a nice balance to the light pastry, and they were served with sides of chutney for optional added flavor.

Gobi Manchurian: This fusion dish is a must-eat for any meat-eater turned vegetarian that we’ve yet to find at any other restaurants locally. The breaded and fried cauliflower offers a great alternative to fried chicken dishes, and is tossed with a tangy “sweet and sour” style sauce. We ordered it at medium spice level as we enjoy spicy dishes, and it did have a little bite. If you’re shy about spice, we would definitely recommend ordering on the safe side.

Paneer Saag & Basmati Rice: An incredibly rich and creamy dish, saag is made of a puree of spinach, onion, and tomato. The cubes of paneer cheese add a nice chewy texture to the dish, while coriander, ginger, and mild spices provide a perfect finishing taste. We enjoy eating this dish over rice or for loading onto naan bread.

Plain Naan: Ordering some form of flatbread to go along with the meal is an absolute must in our book. Though they offer many varieties of Naan, we always love how plain traditional naan complements the spices and flavors of the other dishes we order. Kanishka’s naan is served warm, and was light, chewy perfection.

Two large dinners! Left-overs not pictured.

Ordering two appetizers, one entree, and one order of Naan bread was enough for two very hungry adults for dinner, plus a small lunch left over. People with more moderate appetites would have easily gotten two full dinners and lunches out of the meal. We we’re very satisfied, as always, with everything we ordered. At right about $40 with tip, the pricing is incredibly reasonable as well!

Additional Information on Kanishka Redmond

At time of publishing, Kanishka is offering to-go orders only. They have a small outdoor dining patio outside of their main restaurant for self-service dining at several well-spaced umbrella tables, or Redmond’s Downtown Park is just a couple blocks away and makes a great spot for a picnic in the park. Though not being offered currently, it’s worth noting again that pre-COVID, and hopefully again soon, Kanishka Redmond offers a full lunch buffet that draws significant lines and crowds during weekends of operation, and for good reason! Their buffet includes both an entirely vegetarian buffet and a separate section that includes meat based entrees, and is a great way to sample a little of everything.

Getting to Kanishka Cuisine of India in Redmond

Kanishka Cuisine of India is located at 16651 Redmond Way, Redmond, WA 98052. It is easy to find and has access off of the main drag through Downtown Redmond, Redmond Way. Coming from SR-520 East, it is just a few minutes from the off ramp.