Doughnut Shops Sure to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Keto diets be damned! It’s almost Father’s Day weekend, and everyone knows the best part about Father’s Day, besides the Dads of course… are the doughnuts. And if you happen to find yourself on Seattle’s Eastside there’s no shortage of spots to satisfy the whole family’s sweet tooth. In this post we’ll share six of our favorite spots for doughnuts on the Eastside.

Top Pot (Redmond, Issaquah, Bellevue, Kirkland)

Okay – our first stop is technically four. As one of our favorite spots for variety and novelty, local chain Top Pot Doughnuts has four Eastside locations. But if you try one from each spot does it count as one doughnut or four? We’ll leave that to you to decide. But anyways…we digress.

Top Pot was started by two brothers with a single location on Seattle’s Capitol Hill and has since expanded to 19 locations around the Puget Sound Region. On the Eastside, they feature locations in Issaquah, Redmond, Bellevue, and Kirkland that offer more than 40 options on any given day. In addition to the classic favorites they offer unique seasonal specials like Apple Cider Cake, and Pumpkin Cheesecake Bismarks, that are a must try on a crisp Fall morning in Washington. Note that the Top Pot doughnuts offered in local grocery chains, from my tasting experience, are smaller and less delicious in my opinion vs. seeking out the ones fresh from the shop.

Legendary Doughnuts

Aside from being the size of a grown toddler’s head, the maple bars at Issaquah’s Legendary Doughnuts are well, legendary. As one reviewer wrote “I drive 20+ minutes each way to get these….and they are TOTALLY WORTH IT.” We hear you RaeAnn, we hear you. Dragging someone along whose not into sweets? First of all, who is this person? Secondly – Legendary has them covered with their savory grilled doughnut paninis – a doughnut bun piled high with savory fillings, and grilled to perfection.  

Krispy Kreme (Issaquah)

A nationwide chain, Krispy Kreme obviously doesn’t have the Mom and Pop shop appeal BUT, there is just something about them. Like, what’s that saying – once you pop you can’t stop? A dozen of their addictive glazed originals won’t last more than 15 minutes in your office, and the entertainment factor of watching the doughnuts in production makes a family outing to the shop a kid favorite.

Sunrise Donuts and Espresso (Redmond)

Tucked into a quiet corner just off the Northwest corner of Redmond’s Marymoor Park, Sunrise Donuts is a hidden gem of Redmond, with doughnuts that are hand-made and hand-cranked early each morning. The drip coffee they offer is called “The Meaning of Life.” Enough said.

Sunrise Donuts, Redmond

Countryside Donut House (Kirkland)

You can’t go wrong with a stop into Countryside. This small shop is located in a strip mall in the Totem Lake area, and often times sell out of their soft, fresh doughnuts – which can’t be a bad sign. On a stop in you’re likely to meet the owner, and on any given day a group of regulars give the shop that special “third place” feel, without even trying.

Western Co Donut (Bellevue)

It’s easy to see why Western Co. Donut has been in business for over 30 years. They don’t offer the largest variety, or keep up with all things trending on the donutgram, but if quality is what you’re after they are a must visit on the Eastside.

That’s a wrap doughnut fans!

PS: if you’re wondering if its “donut” or “doughnut” well, so are we. And after consulting with The Google we’ve come to the conclusion that there are two ways to spell it. So, you say donut, we say doughnut, we all say Apple Fritter.

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