Activities for the Adventurous on Seattle’s Eastside

While people often think of suburb as synonymous for “boring,” here at Discover the Eastside we know that the best kept secrets of the area are for the adventurous at heart. These are just a fraction of the activities and go-to spots for excitement in Seattle’s suburbs! If you’re looking for new ideas for things to do in Issaquah, Sammamish, Redmond, Bellevue or beyond, look no further.

Mountain Biking

If you’re craving some time outdoors, and are comfortable on two wheels, mountain biking in Seattle’s Eastside Region is where it’s at. There are tons of options for off-road riding East of Seattle, but we’ve highlighted a couple of our favorites below. If you’re visiting the area or just looking to try the sport out, Progression Cycle is just a few miles away from Duthie and Soaring Eagle and provides full gear rentals.

Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park (Issaquah)

A six mile network of single track trails spread throughout 120 acres of dense PNW forest, the Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park is a mountain biker’s paradise. With a wide range of trail types and skill building features, riders of all ages and abilities will find something to suite their skill level. For more information including a trail map, check out our complete article here.

Soaring Eagle Regional Park (Sammamish)

About two miles from Duthie you’ll find Soaring Eagle Regional Park, a 12 mile, 790 acre mixed-use trail system hidden back in a residential area of Sammamish. It is home to several local trail running and mountain biking competitions, and while it does not include features such as the jumps you’ll find at Duthie, the riding at Soaring Eagle is perfect for more technical cross country adventures.

Rock Climbing

Perfect for those looking for a total body workout with a thrill factor, these beginner friendly rock climbing experiences near Seattle are a perfect place to start.

Rock Wall at Redmond’s Marymoor Park

Marymoor Climbing Wall (Redmond)

This 35 ft free standing artificial rock wall is the perfect place for an urban climbing adventure. Users must provide their own equipment, and it is always recommended to climb with a friend. Open from 8AM to dusk.

Stone Gardens (Bellevue)

One of the few indoor activities that made the list, Stone Gardens is an incredible local climbers gym that offers all access memberships, youth and adult climbing lessons, and reservations for group events and parties. For those just visiting the Eastside they also have a day fee and equipment rental, and can provide everything you need for an exceptional indoor climbing experience.

Taking Flight

Get some in-air time with these options for both the adrenaline junkie and more risk-adverse thrill seekers.

A Paragliding Adventure in Issaquah

Seattle Paragliding (Issaquah’s Poo Poo Point)

Seattle Paragliding takes the cake for “most adrenaline inducing” on our list. For $250 they offer a tandem flight with an experienced pilot. So, if running off a grass runway on Tiger Mountain, and being swept away to 1,600 foot views is your thing, these are your guys.

Over the Rainbow Hot Air Balloons (Woodinville)

Over the Rainbow has been in operation for over 30 years offering scenic sunrise and sunset flights over Woodinville’s famous wine country. For a slower paced scenic experience this is a must-try.

Escape Rooms

The popularity of escape rooms has totally taken off in recent years and for good reason. Escape rooms offer an exciting team strategy game experience in which players cooperatively discover clues, complete puzzles, and accomplish tasks in one or more rooms. Tasks must be completed in order to progress and accomplish a specific goal, in a limited amount of time. They are called escape rooms as the goal is often to “escape” from the site of the game, and are a super fun option for girls’ or guys’ nights out, date night and more. We’re so excited to see several of these popping up all over the Eastside – below are a couple of our favorite options!

Quest Factor (Redmond)

Quest Factor Redmond has four different escape room options ranging in difficulty level. They are family friendly and located in the Willows business park area of Redmond, conveniently next to several local breweries.

Reality Break Escapes (Bellevue)

Reality Break Escapes is a newer escape room with a great location in downtown Bellevue that’s walkable from local restaurants and hotels. They continuously get great reviews and are an awesome spot for beginners.

Race Car Driving

If you’ve got a need for speed, the Eastside has you covered with both an outdoor rally school and indoor go-kart racing options.

Rally Car Racing at DirtFish

DirtFish Rally School (Snoqualmie)

Heading a little farther East in the scenic town of Snoqualmie, WA, DirtFish Rally School makes the exciting sport of rally car driving accessible to everyone. With a fleet of cars and onsite professional instructors, DirtFish is a world-renowned operation hiding right in our own back yard.

K1 Speed (Redmond)

For an indoor driving experience, check out K1 Speed in Redmond. Their electric, zero-emissions, high performance go-karts reach up to 40 mph, and their facility offers memberships, hourly drop-in driving, and group party rentals, so is a great option for residents and visitors alike.

That’s a wrap for today Eastsiders! While this is by no means a comprehensive list of ALL things to do for thrill seekers on the Eastside, we hope it gets you off to a great start!

DISCLAIMER: Please note that each of these activities carry inherent risk, and should be approached with caution. It is not the direct recommendation of Discover the Eastside to participate in any of the above activities, especially without proper safety protocols, and is done so at the own risk of our readers.